Three Simple Goals for the New Year

Keeping it Simple

I’m not typically a new year resolution person. Instead of resolutions, I set intentions.

This year, my intention is to keep it simple.

Here at home, we are trying to keep it simple as well. 

We have three initiatives/goals with Dan’s kids right now.

Three Simple Goals:

  1. Respect
  2. Manners
  3. Cleanliness

While these are lessons we are trying to teach to a 10 year old and a 6 year old, they are good ones for all of us.

The last few weeks have been incredibly turbulent. A great deal of hatred, fear, shame, and uncertainty floats around all of us right now. In difficult times my instinct is to go simple. Stick to the basics and seek out resources for comfort and guidance.

What is simple or basic to me?

  1. Respect for myself and for others.
  2. Being mindful of how I interact with others in social, professional, and familial situations: manners
  3. Cleanliness: in the home and personally. 

When we first decided on these three values as our main focus, I thought, dang, this is too elementary. We should be doing more. 

However, the more we have gotten into teaching these values, the more I see how these three concepts are the foundation of what I believe human interaction can and should be.


The three values could be paired down to just one: Respect.

Manners are a form of respect for oneself and others.

Cleanliness is also a form of respect for oneself and others.

As we move into this new year, I’m hopeful that we can all learn to be more respectful towards one another. We need more compassion, accountability, respect, and understanding. 


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that if one does have basic needs met, it is impossible to discuss anything beyond. I realize that I am writing from a place of privilege and abundance. We each come from different backgrounds and situations. 

I do not assume that anyone else’s experience or background is like my own. I also know that many people are struggling to make ends meet and the last thing they are thinking of today is teaching manners. This post today concerns what we are experiencing in our family.