Offering in person and online lessons for middle school students, high school students, undergraduate and graduate music majors, adults, and chamber music groups.

Who you study with matters

The teacher/student relationship can be one of the most influential relationships in a person’s life.

I will teach you

  • To play violin or viola with proper left and right hand technique
  • How to explore your own musical identity
  • Ways to learn music on your own 
  • How to prepare for auditions (region, All-State, college, grad school, orchestra, etc.)
  • Strategies to battle performance anxiety 
  • To work on negative and positive self talk 
  • How to set goals and make plans to achieve them

I will encourage you

  • To perform to the best of your ability
  • To seek out collaborative musical opportunities
  • How to take auditions 
  • To play because you love to, not because you have to!


How does this work?

Contact me to inquire about lessons, coachings, and rates.

Take a consultation lesson. I’ll evaluate your playing, talk with you about your goals, aspirations, strengths, and struggles as a musician. Then we go from there.

I will accept middle school students by referral from orchestra directors and colleagues. Each student takes an audition/trial lesson before beginning. This gives us the opportunity to meet and see if we are a good fit!

Accepted students will be added to my teaching schedule which includes a minimum of 4 lessons a month, access to a group lesson (for high school and college students), access to guided practice sessions, and end of term performance opportunities.

Yes! Lesson times are agreed upon when you start lessons with me. The time we assign is YOUR time. Each month I will confirm your availability and send an invoice for the next month’s lessons (unless you pay by semester). Lessons are a time and financial commitment.

Tuition for lessons may be paid by semester or monthly. All lessons are paid for online via quickbooks, zelle, or venmo. I do not accept payment one week at a time. 

I teach beginning adult students. Middle school beginners are accepted on a case by case basis. Most of my students audition for region orchestra, All-State, youth orchestras, and/or are looking to advance in their orchestra programs at school.